Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family time

This past weekend I ventured from Houston to San Antonio to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was a big one, so my mom threw a little surprise party for him. It's always so nice to go home where it feels safe and there is never any shortage on love and good food.

They're such Aggie parents.

He missed the biggest football game of the year at A&M to come with me.

My sweet dog, Boagie. He obviously had nothing to do with the birthday celebration, but isn't he cute?

I'll be heading back home tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and long time family friends. This will be the first Thanksgiving that my mom hasn't done the cooking. I am hesitant to partake in anyone else's Thanksgiving feast, but I'll try to embrace the change! Then Aaron and I will move on to Arlington to spend the rest of the weekend with his family. Road trips!

Other tidbits over the last few days:
1. Have you heard of Rue LaLa? If not, you should check it out immediately. They feature HEAVY discounts on different designers every day. I snatched up a pair of skinny Seven for all Mankind jeans for $100 less than they should have been. Having them arrive at my door was quite exciting.
2. I partook in this thing called "working from home." Novel, right? Well to me it certainly was! I've been pretty sickly since Thursday, so my boss told me to just stay home and work. I AM ADDICTED. I didn't have to put on makeup or proper clothing. I drank hot cocoa. Chester supervised as I did research. Besides the sickness, it was perfect. And I get to do it again tomorrow before I leave for home. Score! Can I do this at all times, please?

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, everyone!
And remember, gorging on delicious foods is quite acceptable during this time of the year. So do it!!


andrea said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the twitpic of Chester supervising aforementioned research. Too precious. :)

Mel said...

Happy birthday to your dad! (And working from home's the BEST, if only we could all do it more often!)

Poetry Is Life said...

happy turkey day to you also :D


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