Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in retrospect

What a Texas traveler I was these past few days!
San Antonio for a night, Georgetown for the Thanksgiving meal with the parentals, Aaron, and family friends, immediately on to Arlington, then back to Houston last night.
Oddly enough, it was quite the relaxing weekend.

The Thanksgiving meal was delicious [even though my mom didn't cook it. I survived!], and I may have consumed three pieces of pie.

Our time in Arlington with Aaron's parents was lovely as usual. I partook in my first Black Friday shopping in I don't know how long, and came out a winner with my mom's Christmas gift, gorgeous black boots [that I paid for but will end up being a Christmas gift from mom. Thanks!], and some goodies from Ulta. The day was all about Aaron, though, who is turning into a girl when it comes to shopping.
We also watched all the episodes so far of The Walking Dead. Have you seen it? If not, DO IT! It is so good. A show about zombies may sound a little corny, but I promise it is very well done and will have you wanting more. Maybe we all stayed up until 1 am watching them all.

Last night I put up my very first Christmas tree! Aaron's grandma gave it to me, and I am so excited to have my very own. I still need some lights and ornaments, but it's a nice start. Chester is enthralled with it and won't stop running around it while meowing.

Now it's back to work. Booooo!

But Christmas is in less than a month!

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