Monday, November 15, 2010

Scaring myself silly + Weekend scenes

Well, I'm finally biting the bullet and seeing Paranormal Activity 2.
I am taking a large blanket with me to cover my face with.
I'll also be the girl with fingers in her ears the whole time.
I swear I really LOVE scary movies. This one just gets to me.
I hope my reaction won't be as bad as it was with the first installment.
I shall report back on the experience.

Some scenes from the weekend:

The Houston Museum of Natural Science. Being there made me feel like a kid again. My favorite part was the dinosaur exhibit. I've always been a fan.

That night we watched our Aggies win their football game, and celebrated accordingly.


a n d r e a said...

1. your hair looks FANTASTIC
2. you are a brave girl

Adele said...

eeeps! i would NEVEER watch paranormal activity in the too big of a wuss for that! go, you! (: xo


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