Thursday, October 21, 2010


Still alive.
Cable and internet is now in my apartment!
[yet I am still blogging at work]
I have much picture uploading and TV show catching up to do.

Some highlights of the past couple of weeks:
1. Delicious Mexican food.
2. Spending entirely too much money on apartment related things. IKEA took a chunk of my soul. And I still don't have a proper couch, coffee table, or pretty bedside table.
3. Indian pizza! Yes. The Bombay Pizza Company in downtown Houston puts Indian food on pizza. But it's not typical pizza crust. What it is is MAGIC. Can't stop thinking about it.
4. Finding out that Chester is about to get a new friend. An orange cat showed up at my parent's house [almost exactly one year later after Chester was found. We apparently have a think for finding friendly orange cats around Halloween], and my mom is bringing him to me so Chester has someone to keep him company. Chester requires lots of attention, so this will make me feel better when I have to leave him alone.

Tomorrow is mine and Aaron's two year anniversary! We are having dinner, and apparently he has a whole day of activities planned for Saturday. I am quite excited. Since my new camera was part anniversary gift, I plan on utilizing it fully this weekend so I can have quality pictures like you other fellow bloggers!

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