Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey money fairy...!

Come visit me so that I can immediately buy this:

The past several months I have found myself yearning to get into photography. Now, I'm not saying I want to become a professoinal. I think I'll leave that up to my friends and the women on the photography blogs I follow. But I do enjoy taking pictures and am ready to venture on to a an SLR camera. I've done my research and found that this one is the best for beginners. To further torture myself, I went to Best Buy yesterday to get some hands-on time with it. Then I stared blankly at the cameras for professional photographers. When I talk myself into wanting something badly enough, it's rather difficult to not purchase it right away. I am trying to hold strong, but you should probably start taking bets on how long I'll last.

Furthermore, wanting this camera fits in with several trends I've noticed about the vast number of blogs that I follow:
1. Women
2. Attractive
3. Artistic in some manner
4. Chances are, it's in photography
5. Therefore, owns an awesome SLR or Diana/Holga/Poloroid, etc (maybe all of the above)
5. Has a boyfriend/fiance/husband that is MADLY in love with them
6. Cute dog
7. Keen sense of fashion

Their lives seem ridiculously awesome, sooo I wouldn't mind placing myself a little more into their league.


Caroline Henley said...

ughhhh i want a new camera too so i can take more picturessssss!!! let's also be each other's models when we do get said new cameras and take photography classes okay awesomeeeee :)

Bridget said...

hahaha i know what you mean with that list. add to it: loves vintage clothing and/or anthropologie.

either way, i have that camera and fully endorse it.

and the chicken cones were increddddible.

Alex said...

Yes! How could I have left those two off?? Glad you enjoyed the cones!


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