Friday, April 16, 2010

Aggie Ring Day

Happy Friday!

I don't have anything particularly interesting going on, nor do I have any random musings to share, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to an A&M tradition that happens to be going on today: Aggie Ring Day.

For those unfamiliar with Texas A&M, the university prides itself on the many traditions that have culminated throughout the years.
One of the most visible and cherished symbols of being an Aggie is our ring. Therefore, Ring Day is simply the day when you get your ring. I have several friends getting theirs today, and I'm so exicited for them. Unless you're an Aggie, it's hard to understand how special and exciting this day is. In fact, I'm sure getting so pumped about a ring might sound silly to some people.
For a little insight into this day, I present to you some pictures from my own Ring Day back in Spetember of 08.

After waiting for my particular group number to be called, I lined up at my table and was presented with this gorgeous and shiny piece of gold.

This was before we were anything except friends (a little crushing was going on). Please excuse his weird hair. It was previously dyed blue (for another A&M tradition called Fish Camp...that's a whole other story for later), so he had to shave it all off in order to avoid looking like a crazy person.

Something you may not know about me is that I love taking jumping pictures. All the time. Everywhere. This was right outside the Visitor Center, where I worked as a tour guide through college.

Along with receiving one's ring comes the tradition of ring dunking. There's no way to add class or finesse to the tradition I'm about to describe, so I'll just say it. You put your ring in the bottom of a pitcher of flattened beer and chug it as fast as you can while all your friends watch it happen. I know, I know, this sounds a bit immature and perhaps even slightly dangerous. However, most people do end up doing this, though not always in beer.

The lovely ladies I dunked my ring with. Yes, we had shirts made. This is not uncommon at all.

After finishing my pitcher. 42 seconds. Yeah buddy.

I hope after reading this you don't immediately imagine all Aggies as ring obsessed, raging alcoholics. This is not the case! We are just proud of our traditions and like to have a good time :)

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