Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am an animal person.
If I see an animal, I'm probably going to pet it or make cooing noises in its general direction.

I really love cats.
If my life went wayward, being a cat lady doesn't sound so bad. Ok maybe that's a bit much.

So this is Chester. I rescued him from the harsh streets of San Antonio when he was a kitten and gifted him to Aaron and his roommate. I consider him to be mine as well, seeing as how it's thanks to me that he has such a nice and loving home.
He is a feisty ginger cat with the fluffiest tail you will ever see. He has actually grown into it a bit, but it's still a magnificent tail.
Chester loves cheese, any dairy product, catnip, and fishing things out of the disposal. He also loves to be in the bathroom when someone is showering and will meow outside the door in the mornings because he's been lonely all night. When he's feeling sweet, he does love to cuddle and sleep.
Practically all the pictures on my phone are of him. I am seriously like a proud mother and am constantly whipping out my phone to show people his adorable pictures. Yeah, I'm that girl.

Chester wants to be the next great American writer.

Or a rockstar.


a n d r e a said...

This was adorable. You should own this ASAP:

Love you! :)

Alex said...

Oh yesss!! Though I hope I never look like her...


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