Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I definitely stole this from Taylor, but I'm in desperate need of something to do at work. So I'll pretend that people besides my friends actually read this and share some random tidbits about me. And let's be honest, everyone's favorite subject to talk about is themselves.
1. I have two different ears. Upon inspection, they do not look like each other at all.
2. I am obsessed with animals. All animals. I think skunks are adorable and I'd love to pet one.
3. On a similar note, I've always wanted a pet raccoon.
4. My mom calls me Tootsie.
5. I have no discernable talents.
6. Traveling is a passion of mine.
7. I have been to some random places, such as Tibet.
8. I want to live abroad some day, preferably somewhere in Europe (London or Paris, please).
9. I want to hike the Amazon Trail.
10. I took dance (tap, jazz, ballet, and even a forray into tumbling) from age 6-16. I have terrible recital tapes to prove it.
11. I once tried to learn how to play the electric guitar that I own. Fail.
12. I went to a medical magnet school because my childhood dream was to be a doctor.
13. My mom made me apply to two ivy league schools.
14. I got an interview to one of those schools, which made me feel like a badass.
15. ...until they rejected me.
16. I was supposed to go to USC. A&M was a last minute decision based on some really stupid factors.
17. However, I absolutely love Texas A&M University
18. I've never been to Disneyworld.
19. I speak in accents (mostly British) and makes lots of random noises.
20. I did not drink until I turned 21. Go me.
21. I love European history. Especially the Middle Ages.
22. I have always had a fascination with the Knights Templar/any conspiracy involving them.
23. As a matter of fact, I enjoy conspiracies of all kinds. Let's talk about the Masons in America.
24. I have a ginger boyfriend.
25. I rescued a cat named Chester and gave him to said boyfriend. Chester is also a ginger.
26. I love the smell of books.
27. I never want to go into any kind of credit card debt.
28. But I love to shop.
29. I lived in L.A. for a summer while I did an internship.
30. I witnessed someone doing cocaine during this time. It's a good story, so you should ask me about it.
31. I love fashion, but I'm never very good at putting outfits together for myself.
32. I love the Twilight series and I am not ashamed.
33. I think New York City is the greatest place on earth.
34. I have a half sister who is 20 years older than me.
35. My mom bakes the greatest cookies on this planet and to this day I cannot replicate them (even following her recipe).
36. Not finding a job until 9 months after graduating is something that ashames me.
37. The one thing I'm thankful for during that period is being able to spend so much time with my mom.
38. I wish I had one best friend who I'd been best friends with since childhood. I have many close friends and have gone through multiple "best friends."
39. When I was little, I had an imaginary friend named Polly. She wore bluejean overalls (gross) and had super long hair that she wore in braids. She also had 100 children that she gave away one by one.
40. I easily get caught up in my day dreams.
41. I have the BEST day dreams.
42. I also have incredibly vivid and bizzare dreams (the night time kind). Ask anyone, they will tell you this is true.
43. I love the water and being near it.
44. I've been mentally planning my wedding since I was in high school.
45. I want to believe in fairy tales.
46. I can't whistle.
47. Despite multiple attempts to teach me, I still can't rollerskate either.
48. I abhore exericse.
49. If I had to chose between real food and sweets, I'd choose sweets.
50. Though it would be a hard decision to choose between sweets and cheese.
51. Backpacking through Europe is probably my favorite memory of all time.
52. I was raised by a single mom until I was 8.
53. I have a really small family.
54. Oscar night is one of my favorite nights of the year.
55. I really want to get into photography.
56. I have several birthmarks.
57. I hated boys pretty much up until high school.
58. When I was little, I ran around wearing blond wigs because I wanted to look like Barbie.
59. Spanish was my first language. Three years of it high school did not help me to regain that ability.
60. One of my favorite past times is driving around fancy neighborhoods oohing and aahing over the houses.
61. I would consider myself a film buff, but I don't like the classics.
62. I strongly dislike tiny dogs. I'm sorry, but teeny tiny yorkies should not be allowed to exist.
63. My parent's house is filled with urns of cremated animals. This sounds creepy, I know, but my mom could never bear the thought of having our beloved pets in the ground. This way they get to stay around.
64. I look nothing like my mom or my biological father. I used to think I was adopted.
65. I love horror movies and anything else spooky.
66. I think Easter has the best candy.
67. I was always the teacher's pet in elementary and middle school.
68. I want to be able to donate enough money to A&M to have a building named after me. Oh yeah.
69. I have never really done any type of charity work, and would really like to change that.
70. I secretly want to be a hipster.
71. I have an abnormal attachment to my cell phone.
72. Probably because it's the nicest phone I've ever owned...I had a Razr up until, oh, 3 months ago.
73. I like making lists.
74. I like crossing things off of lists.
75. My computer has died TWICE. Thanks, Dell.
76. In the 5th grade, a group of friends and I performed at a talent show as the Spice Girls.
77. I have no idea how to flirt.
78. The first time a boy asked me to go out with him (though in those days it was called "going around" I screamed NO, YUCK! and ran away.
79. I was on the volleyball team in the 7th grade.
80. I don't handle criticism well.
81. I used to attend Warped Tour religiously.
82. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 16, and my first realllll kiss until I was 17.
83. I love gay clubs.
84. I go by my middle name.
85. I'm not the biggest fan of kids, but I do want my own some day.
86. I hate when people are late.
87. I have expensive tastes that I hope to be able to afford one day.
88. For example, I want to fill my future home with artwork.
89. I would love to go back to school and get a masters in Medieval European History.
90. I get lonely easily.
91. But I love spending quality time with myself.
92. I plan my day around the meals that I am going to eat.
93. I grew up having real Christmas trees and cannot imagine having it any other way.
94. I have a current obsession with balloons.
95. I read many blogs and like to live vicariously through their writers.
96. I want my life to be one big adventure.
97. There is a huge space between my big toe and second toe on both feet.
98. I am terrified of guns, yet I enjoy shooting them on occasion.
99. I want to be an expert in something.
100. I am always up to date on all the latest celebrity gossip.
If you actually read all those, I salute you.


la beast said...

i wish my invisible friend polly had 100 children. this is funny alexia

Embo said...

that tidbit about your imaginary friend is one of the funniest things i've ever heard. i adore you.

Alex said...

I'm glad Polly is such a hit!

Caroline Henley said...

i felt like i knew a lot of these, therefore I am a good friend :)


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