Thursday, March 4, 2010

Courtney is and old lady!

Happy Birthday, Courtney!!
My dear friend and partner in crime turns 23 today. In her honor, I have chronicled our friendship through pictures. It's been a fun ride!

Thank you Fish Camp for being about 99% responsible for the friends I made in college.

Our Chili Fest adventure. It was cold, wet, and muddy, but this did not stop us from having a great time and riding the Ol' Ags donkey every chance we got.

The start of a Thursday tradition: Big Willy margaritas. Also, the best summer I've ever had.

Getting our Aggie rings together was something we had been looking forward to for an eternity.

Dunking them, however, was another story. Here we are while we (or mostly I) could still see straight.

Spring Break '09, also known as the funnest spring break there ever was.

Pretending to be movie stars walking the red carpet at our Ring Dance.

Having one last hurrah on North Gate before I left for a job in Houston. We all know how this job turned out. But let's not allow that to overshadow the fun that was had on this night!

And we even got to go to Europe together.
(Florence at the Piazzale Michelangelo)

Although we are vampire fans, we were pretending to be werewolves in the Montmatre Cemetery.

Being there with one of my best friends in the world was pretty magical.

Being groped by a man singing Beatles songs in Munich was quite the experience.

In London, we found out that our English accents are rather embarrassing.
So happy birthday my friend! I wish we got to see each other more, but I love you dearly and can't wait to see you some time soon!


Caroline Henley said...

1. cuteeee pics
2. ummm thanks for not giving me a post for my birthday!!! jk jk
3. ha chilifest... remember how thirsty we were when we got there on saturday? courtney and i talked about that last night... classiccc

Alex said...

You'll get a post this year! I just started birthday posts. Geeeez. :)


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