Monday, December 22, 2014

Melbourne at Christmastime

Some snapshots of Melbourne at this joyful time of the year!

Our building has a beautiful tree that welcomed us back when returned from Texas.

Living in the CBD means we are around all the major Christmas decorations put up by the city. The main shopping road has lights all the way down that remind you it's Christmas even when it's 80 degrees!

There is an awesome projection show at the Melbourne Town Hall that showcases Christmas around the world.

I'm still getting used to a Southern Hemisphere Christmas (though let's be only recently even got warm!), but you can't beat beautiful days in a beautiful city.

Our apartment isn't lacking Christmas spirit either!

All the Ryan + partners stockings. Please note that mine has Chester, Henry, and a kangaroo on it. I happen to think mine is the very best!

After panicking over the fact that Will's parents didn't yet have a tree, off to the bush we went to cut one down!

The days have been warm, and I am in top tan December. It is both awesome and a little bittersweet. 
I think the US goes more "all out" for Christmas, though I've been pleasantly surprised by the decorations and festive music here in the city. 
And most American-like of all...the stores are packed to the rafters and open until midnight this week. Capitalism!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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