Thursday, September 20, 2012

When on a giant Australian sheep farm, do as the Aussies do

Dress like them and drink their native libations while being pounced on by a herding dog.

Become friendly with their pets [also while keeping hold on that canned libation].

Admire the livestock and gorgeous scenery.

Drive their vehicles.

Pose on the edge of a gorge.

Show your super human strength.

Stand on top of a giant rock and be king of the world.

And most importantly, pretend to be a wombat.


christine donee said...

um. can I join you next time?

Pretzel Thief said...

Awesomeness! :-) Good choice re. stopping by in gorgeous Lorne, but then again it's hard to miss it when you're traversing the Great Ocean Rd. (TELL ME you tried the amazeballs burgers at The Bottle of Milk on the main street/esplanade in Lorne?!) Sucks that we missed each other, what luck! How long did you guys end up staying? :-)

Britt said...

Aw, looks like such fun!


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