Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That time I met Australian animals...and many pictures were taken

Two of my main goals for the trip to Australia were to hold a koala and hug a kangaroo.

Goal number one was killed when we found out koalas belong to a worker's union [no joke] and can only work, i.e. be held, a certain amount of hours each week. Healesville Sanctuary outside Melbourne is a no holding zoo. Sad day.

BUT we did get to feed and pet kangaroos.

How I made it through this without crying with happiness is beyond me.

Their names were Crystal and Kiki

This look says it all.

Yes, we were holding hands.

Oh haaay sexy kangaroo.

Benny the koala

Koala creeper.


The Management said...

I am suuuuper jealous of you getting to hold hands with a kangaroo! They look so sweet! I would never have wanted to leave them!

HowdyFromNYC said...

SO stinkin' cute!!!

Sara Louise said...

Bucket List item checked!


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