Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to survive an Aussie ball

1. Wear a pretty dress

2. Find a handsome guy

3. Be part of a ridiculously fun trio

4. Drink undisclosed amounts of alcohol, mostly focusing on champagne, and dance your heart out. Make sure you display such dance moves as the Jersey Turnpike.

5. Get home after the scariest cab ride of your life and apparently have a photo shoot.

Follow these steps, and I promise you'll have a night to remember!!

*Side note...why can't balls be a normal part of American culture?? I feel like I've missed out all this time.*


The Management said...

scariest cab ride of your life? what on earth happened?!?!

Poisoned Princess said...

Wowzer, he is gorgeous... your dress is too, but come on, that guy?! *Swoon*

Sara Louise said...

You two look GORGEOUS!


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