Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Swampy!

This is unfortunately three days late, but I must take time to wish one of my best friends, Swapomthi, a happy 23rd birthday!
We've been friends since sophomore year of high school, and like to associate ourselves with a group of friends called "The Fab Four." There will be more on them when another Fab Four birthday comes up next week.
Swampy, as she is known, is one of the funniest, quirkiest, and caring people I know. We enjoy speaking in weird accents together, talking about Obama and how we want to be bffs with Tina Fey, and creating "scenarios" together.
I don't see her nearly enough since she lives in San Antonio, but our friendship is still as great as ever.
This girl is going to save the world one day, I guarantee it!

Senior prom. This picture is vintage. And no, I am not naked.

I believe this was her 20th (?) birthday. We at at California Pizza Kitchen, which is where we often find ourselves pigging out on overpriced food.

During every winter break, the Fab Four would meet up for quality time together. On this particular occasion we opted for a photoshoot on a rock. The Fab Four often partakes in "permutations," which is where we all take individual pictures with each other. We are very thorough in our picture taking.

Swampy was a very dedicated volunteer during Obama's campaign. I got to tag along when she helped out at an event where Kerry Washington and Ben McKenzie spoke to UTSA students.

Her 21st birthday on 6th St. in Austin. What a good (and short) night!

The Fab Four in all our glory for Swampy's 21st.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend!!

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