Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline lovaaaah!

Today's birthday wish goes out to one of my dearest friends, Caroline.
We have grown and changed so much throughout our friendship, which is something I love. The people we were when we met about five years ago are quite different from the ones we are now, yet we have remained friends through it all.

So without any further ado, a photographic journey through our friendship. According to Facebook, there are 475 pictures of us together. Finding just these few was quite a feat!

This was probably one of the very first, if not first, pictures we ever took together. We met because our boyfriends were friends and later became roommates. Spending most of our time at their apartment, we quickly became the best of friends. Our major sources of entertainment consisted of laying around watching movies (with the boyfriends), bowling (with the boyfriends), and various other mundane activities. Let me say that I LOVE all of these activities (and she can attest to this as well), but the point is that we devoted EVERYTHING to those guys and never really got out and did things for ourselves. We ended up helping each other through both eventual breakups and came out winners.

As our dearly departed boyfriends did before us, we became roommates! Along with our three other lovely roomies, we enjoyed throwing themed parties at our house. This was our first, a "Great Depression" themed soiree. Though I didn't drink at this time, it was then that I really started coming out of my shell and making a point to always have a blast. Thanks, Caroline :)

When she got her Aggie Ring, I was obviously there to show my support and excitement.

Our second themed party, "Around the World." We (along with two others) represented Jamaica as the bob sled team!

When it was time to initiate me into the 21-year-old-in-College-Station club, Caroline was the one who took me out, despite the freezing temperature and nasty rain. Was it a successful 21st birthday celebration? Of course. She wouldn't have had it any other way!

I couldn't bear not being there to join in on her Ring Dance experience in 2008, so I convinced my boy bff to take me as his date so that we could all have an amazing time together!

Caroline has also been with me during near-death experiences. Let's just say that when describing this particular date party, I'm going to use my "I was young and in college" excuse.

As typical college girls, our favorite night spot was Daisy Dukes (yes, don't judge the name. This is Texas, after all). You could always be sure to find us there dancing the night away, most likely on speaker boxes, cherry vodka sours in hand.

Caroline's 22nd birthday weekend was one for the books. It's impossible for us to celebrate a birthday together and not have inordinate amounts of fun.

One of our very own time honored traditions: Pizzacake. Eat a pizza, bake a cake. Pizzacake.

As I was there for hers, Caroline was of course present for my Ring Day. She served as an excellent photographer and top notch face nuzzler.

We went with different groups, but met up during Spring Break 2009 in South Padre.

After two years and two different houses, it was time for us to part ways. Moving out of our house was so bittersweet. I'd be lying if I said I didn't bawl for the first 20 minutes of my drive.

And here we are today. Different cities, different lives, same friendship.



Caroline Henley said...

Thank you for making my birthday so amazing!! I love you and I had such a great time with you!!!

la beast said...

i think i was there when 80 % of these pictures were taken. :) Lovin both of you girls. muah

Kristin said...

My bestie and I are a 1000 miles apart and as close as ever. Your adorable pics remind me of our college years. Le sigh!


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