Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Our world is a curious place. So here are some curious events/things that I have recently discovered via my endless time spent on the internet at work.

1. A man in Germany got married to his cat. Yes, CAT. Meow. Apparently his beloved cat is terminally ill, so he called up an actress and paid her 300 Euros to perform a mock ceremony before her passing. It couldn't be official because, oh you know, marrying animals is quite illegal all over the world. Thank goodness that the cat won't live to see many days because I can only imagine what fights would be like once the newly wed bliss wears off.

2. Speaking of inappropriate relationships, an adopted man who was reunited with his biological grandmother is expecting a BABY with said granny. This stuff is too trashy to make up. Upon meeting the 72 year old woman, sparks flew between both parties. Seeing as how septuagenarians cannot conceive children, the couple is using a surrogate. How would you like to be that woman? I'm not even going to try to figure out this wacked out family tree.

3. And lastly, this thing:
This is a "dog" found in Vietnam. I personally think it's a Muppet dog cat alien hybrid.

Isn't the world a fun place?!

1 comment:

Caroline Henley said...

ummm yeah grandson and gramma lovers was the worst that i read about the other day... sick!


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