Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baroque Band

The Daily What is my new favorite website beacause I find treasures like this:

It's a concept for a t-shirt or print. I'd certainly buy it. Love the whole Marie Antoinette feel.


mina said...

i love the daily what!

also,we went to lombardi's today - soo good!
...and even though both of us have always hated rice pudding, we gave it a try because it looked kinda cool and because you had recommended it and it was amazingly delicious. thanks so much! feel free to give us more tips! :)

Alex said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you enjoyed both places! And trust me, Rice to Riches definitely made me a believer of rice pudding. For other good eats, you should definitely venture out to Brooklyn again to Bagel World (it's now called Court Street Bagels, but I've always known it as Bagel World) at 181 Court St. I know there are tons of bagel places in NYC, but I've always felt this is the best. Whenever my family visits New York we always bring back a suitcase full of their bagels! And while you're already in Brooklyn, Smith St. has a bunch of cute boutiques for shopping :)


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