Monday, November 17, 2014

The Bloody Long Walk was bloody painful

When your friend says she's doing a 35km charity walk and that you should join, you should really have a (bloody) long think about it before agreeing. 

Walking isn't hard, you say.
I love to walk, you say.
I can totally do that, you say. 
Sign me up, you say.
Training? I don't need to train, you say.


Just an FYI, walking 35km (21 miles) is not, by any means, easy. 

Things started off fine; I was enjoying the scenery and was concentrating on telling my feet to behave themselves and not hurt. Then the aches kicked. Then more. Then, 30km in, there was crying over the aches and pains and wondering if I could make it those last 5kms. 

Well, I did. Feet, legs, hips all screaming in pain. I had a hard-earned cider and giant bowl of chips, then proceeded to lay on the couch for the remainder of my day. 

I'm glad I did it, just to prove I could, and the company was lovely. But if you have any "fun" charity walks coming up any time soon, count this girl out!! 

Our team was called Unhappy Feet. Little did we know how appropriate it would be! 

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Sara Louise said...

You are a far better woman that I!


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