Friday, November 14, 2014

You may call me Little Bo Peep

We spend a lot of time out at the farm. It's beautiful, peaceful, and there's always wine and homemade bread readily available.

In the seven months I've been here I've been able to do a bit of actual farm work, which is a sentence I never thought I would utter. 

But alas! I have, and I like it. Let's be honest, my favorite part about it is getting to pat lambs and try to make them love me. But there's also something calming about it, not to mention I like feeling like I'm actually contributing and being useful.

Some skills I've learned that may impress some of my friends:
1. How to drive a four wheeler
2. Mustering sheep with said four wheeler
3. Droving sheep, also with said four wheeler
4. Marking lamb ears
5. Giving innoculations
6. General pushing/moving/interacting with sheep
7. Becoming an expert lamb holder (this is not a useful skill, just something I like to do if a lamb isn't fast enough to get away from my cuddles)


Sara Louise said...

You look like you fit right in there Alex! I love seeing you so happy :)
And even though those lambs (lambs - is that a word?) are super duper cute, I'll take the wine and homemade bread please x

Sienna said...

You are adorable, the sheep are adorable, i love everything about this post!


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