Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Walking across London Town

Three weeks after getting back from Italy, across the Atlantic I went again, this time to one of my favorite places ever...London!

We were technically working in three towns outside of London, but we decided that having to get up early every morning to catch trains was worth it if were staying in the heart of the city. 

London is one of those places where I just feel at home. It's easy to get around, there's a vibrant energy everywhere you go, and there's so much to do. It will always be on my short list of places I must live in life!

And the best part....THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT. I was shocked. I almost cried from happiness. No rain, no painfully cold winds; there was even some sun! Thanks for playing nicely, London.

Our hotel was right by Hyde Park, so getting places often meant walking right through.

Per a recommendation I read on Aspiring Kennedy, I knew we had to have sticky toffee pudding at The Prince Bonaparte in Notting Hill. It was one of the best decisions made on this trip.

A friend living in the UK met us for the weekend, so it was necessary to visit some cool spots. We had dinner at this very neat restaurant in Soho called Inamo, where you do all the ordering directly on the table. The tables are touch screens! It was very hip, and the food was actually pretty good. 

Of course there had to be a day of typical sight seeing. 

And on Sunday...a Sunday roast. It's only proper.

Not a bad view on the way to work, hey? 

We ended the trip with a visit to Duck and Waffle, which was on the top floor of Heron Tower. The food was delicious, and the views couldn't be beat. 

Aside from a conference last week in Vegas, that was my last work trip of the year. While I'm glad to be home and getting back into a semblance of routine, I do already miss the travel lifestyle. Though exhausting, it's also exciting to always be on the go and getting far too acquainted with the airport. 

Now I'm trying to soak up my last months in Houston/Texas/America. Here's to a staycation!


Jennifer Prod said...

Italy *&* London for work? Lucky girl. What is it that you do??


Sara Louise said...

London is definitely one of my favorite cities! I wish I could spend more time there.
And that sticky toffee pudding... TO DIE FOR!!!


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