Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Girls Trip, version 5.0

Immediately upon return from London, I was swept up into the fifth annual girls trip.

[Let the record show that October was the booziest busiest month ever for me.]

Seeing as how three out of six girls trip participants got married this year, we decided to keep things simple for our annual trip. 

It was a perfect weekend of girl talk, game playing, wine tasting, and a night out on the town. 

Highlights included a highly offensive and hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity, the most delicious pumpkin cream crepe, a sweet winery in the hill country, target practice in the backyard with a pellet gun, making best friends with a cab driver, and devouring most of an ice cream pie after a night out. 

Clearly, it was a classy weekend.


Embo said...

Love you!

Jennifer Prod said...

not many things better than a girls' weekend, right? looks like you had a ton of fun (and how could you not with cheesecake, guns and best friends??) ;)

Nicole Marie said...

so fun!!

Sara Louise said...

SA + The Hill Country! Now you know you just made me all kinds of homesick :)


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