Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Orleans...bachelorette style

Ah, New Orleans. You are grand. 

For dear Haritha's bachelorette party we made the trek to the state next door and rented an awesome apartment underneath a giant old house. I may or may not have convinced everyone that it was very haunted. Maybe I watch too much American Horror Story.

We ate delicious pizza, had a fancy, three course jazz brunch at Commander's Palace, got our fortunes read [my first time for that, and it was pretty cool], strolled around the French quarter, and had a classic night on Bourbon Street. 

Only three months until our little doctor is married! 

Yes, the placement of the green dresses was intentional.

Leave it to us to run into an Australian rugby player. Aussies are EVERYWHERE.


Liesl said...

Now this looks like a lot of fun! New Orleans is a place I have not yet been, and would love to explore for a weekend! :)

Maria said...

Living in New Orleans, sometimes I forget how beautiful it really is. I love seeing posts of other people's experiences there. Glad to see y'all had a good time. xx

Deidre said...

I've never been to New Orleans, but I'd like to go sometime. That's funny, I haven't met too many Aussies in the US.

Sara Louise said...

I cannot think of a better place to have a bachelorette! And yeah, Aussies are everywhere! :)


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