Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am a real life version of 27 Dresses

I went from being in Dallas on a Saturday evening looking like this

To San Antonio on a Sunday morning looking like this

Not only did I switch cities, I switched cultures too!!

And let me say, God bless the makeup artist who fixed my monster face on Sunday. I showed up with bloodshot allergy eyes and one tired looking face. My only explanation is that she is a wizard. 

More pictures to come when I get out of the daze of being in two weddings in one weekend.


Karm said...

Gorgeous photos. I cannot wait for the post. 2 weddings!! wow.

Deidre said...

You look amazing! And I think it's all you - not the make up artists doing!

Two weddings is VERY impressive.

Ashley said...

i saw your bridal shower pics today and seriously thought "geez she's in a lot of weddings!" haha

at least you look gorgeous in all your dresses!

Sara Louise said...

You ARE 27 dresses! That's crazy! But you look beyond fabulous in both cultures :)


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