Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Australia meets Texas

Aussie boyfriend came for a visit last month, and it was a good time. 

In fact, it was such a good time that I have been eating My Fit Foods ever since he left so that I can undo the damage of all the delicious things we ate and drank constantly while he was here.

There were typical Houston nights, beach time, an introduction to crawfish, bingo playing, San Antonio time, an Indian engagement party, nights at a dance hall, Texas sized Stetsons, longhorns, exploring the hill country, river floating, and two crazy nights in Austin with a wild group of Australian men. 

[And for a time reference, he left on the day I flew out for my double wedding weekend. Maybe this is why I still feel like I am catching up on sleep.]

I drove that group of crazies around Austin and the surrounding areas in a mini van for two days. It was spectacularly hilarious. 

I think he makes a good Texan, no?


Pretzel Thief said...

He makes a bitchin' Texan, yes!

Love the photos and love that you guys had such a blast. Here's to many more!

Sara Louise said...

You took him to Luckenbach!!! Hells to the yeah! Did he love it?

Deidre said...

Aw, it looks like such a fun trip! And I think he makes a fantastic Texan! :)

Amy said...

Yeehaw! These pictures make me feel like dancing -- must be nice to listen to that Aussie accent. Swoon!

You are such a sweet looking couple! Best wishes to you!

Gaby said...

i moved to australia 5 years ago to be with my aussie boyfriend (now husband) too :) it's funny how often it happens!

Ashley said...

i see exotic looking babies with australian accents in the future. let's be two owe it to america. let's get on that.


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