Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random European cities I never thought I'd visit

After almost three years at my job, I finally got to go on my first international business trip.

Free trip to Europe? OK.

I got to visit the very random cities of Leeds, England and Beziers, France. 

Never heard of them? Don't worry, I hadn't either until I started working here.

It was 90% business and jumping on and off planes, but there was also copious amounts of eating and some sight seeing as well.

And if you ever find yourself in Leeds and want to know about the night life...I'm your girl. I'm not your girl if you want to know about night life in Beziers because there were far too many shady men around to go out at night. Big shout out to Sara and her husband for warning me of this fact.

Sunday roast in Leeds

Quiche in Beziers

I know Europe is filled with them, but I never get tired of cathedrals.

My hands-down favorite part of the trip was the overnight layover I had to do in Paris. A solo date in one of my favorite cities, eating my favorite meal, and wandering the picturesque streets- an evening I will never forget, however short it might have been.



Sara Louise said...

I just told my husband you followed his advice and it made him very happy :)
If you get to Beziers again, I'll meet you there for a drink!

Nicole Marie said...

i've always wanted to go to europe on business. i feel like it would be so much more glamourous that my usual cheap as possible way :)

Katie said...

so gorgeous!!! I love following your travel adventures =)




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