Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playing teacher

Today's topic for May 2:
Educating you on something I am good at or know a lot about.

Well, I am really good at not being good at much.

Kidding. But for real.

I have never been one of those people that was just reallyyy good at something. I am not artistic or athletic. While I consider myself pretty intelligent, I'm not someone that people would describe as ridiculously smart.

But at any rate, here's a little list of things I excel in:
1. Cleaning a plate of food. Clean plate club all the way.
2. Being an animal whisperer.
3. Remembering random, useless facts. I'm pretty confident I could do well on Jeopardy.
4. Making people laugh with my awkwardness.
5. British accents.
6. Being up to date on pretty much every TV show on the earth.
7. Weddings. I am the most fun wedding guest ever.
8. Flip cup. Thanks, college education.
9. The game "big booty". Anyone ever heard of that before? It sounds scandalous, but is so not.
10. Navigating metro systems. Paris metro, you don't scare me. London tube, we're tight.

So, anyone need help honing your flip cup skills or filling your tummy with more than normal amounts of food?


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh man! I am AWESOME at flip-cup! ... At least I think I am... if I remember correctly... Why else would I cheer so much when I play? :)
I am jealous of your ability to speak in a British accent! I always start out a pro...but then I somehow morph into Shrek.

Sara Louise said...

I'm jealous of your number 10. That's an excellent skill to have!


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