Friday, March 1, 2013

That time I was convinced I'd be eaten by a shark

As a little treat, we decided to drive down south to stay at a resort for a couple of days.

Confession: I've never been to a resort.

It was all kinds of perfect, and probably not a typical resort. It was quiet, full of older people, and very nature-y. But our dwelling was called a villa and there were fancy fountains and an infinity pool, so that's resort enough in my book!

Oh, and there was free, DELICIOUS breakfast. Can I go to resorts all the time?

We lazed on the beach, snorkeled, and went fishing.

Let's talk about snorkeling in Australia.

Snorkeling is cool. You see fish, you breathe under water, and you feel like a fish.

In Australia, you do all that while feverishly looking out for great white sharks.

I was doing just fine until we decided to explore around some coral...where the water suddenly got deep.

Oh hell no.

I may have had a mild panic attack.

However, I was able to calm myself while Will pointed out some very cool tropical fish. Then I promptly got out of the water. 

Fishing was much safer, and we each caught two tropical fish friends! 

Fun fact: I later found out that there have been shark attacks in the exact area we were in.

If you find yourself in Western Australia and are looking for a gorgeous place to stay with good service, good food, clear clear clear watered beaches, and out of this world sunsets, I recommend the Pullman Resort at Bunker Bay. 

...but don't swim out too far.


Meg O. said...

Oh what a beautiful place and you look amazing! But sharks..... oh heeeeeell noooo.

Sienna said...

oh my god im so jealous! its so pictureesque. lucky girl!!!

Katie Jo said...

Just the thought of sharks makes me want to pee my pants...or maybe that's pregnancy...


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