Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When I learned that I am bad at water sports

My flight out of Perth didn't leave until late at night, so what better way to spend my last hours than on a boat?

The Swan River looks like a lake, but maybe I'm just bad at recognizing bodies of water.

Also, it's a salt water river. This Texan was confused.

However, this meant that we got to see dolphins!

This also means that sharks sometimes sneak into the river.

I cast aside my fears and tried my hand [or legs] at water skiing. 


I am not the most naturally athletic person, but I am also pretty competitive and stubborn. I gave myself three tries to get up so that I would not spend too much time embarrassing myself.

Let's just say that after three tries I was back on the boat sunbathing.

Will says my effort was good and that I pretty much got up on my second try. I am determined to do better next time!


Katie Jo said...

You're doing better than me. I would have never left the boat ;)

meghan silva said...

I actually dont think I would be good at it either , great post awesome photo's, thanks for sharing.

xo Meg<3

Meghan Silva's Blog

Deidre said...

Aw, Perth, I have such mixed memories of thee!

This looks like fun -you did better than I, I don't thinK i would have tried. water sports aren't really my thing.

Sara Louise said...

Salt water river... I'm so confused. That photo of you chilling on the boat is super cute though :)

Ashley said...

please promise to stuff me in your bag next trip to australia.

i probably would suck at water skiing too....only because i insist on wearing the triple-thick lifevest. HATE deep water!

Nicole Marie said...

so desperate to get on /near the water!

Sienna said...

i lOVE water skiing. how fun! that green bikini is really cute

LeeLee said...

That's awesome. Glad you gave it a try.

Natalie said...

So awesome! It looks like paradise!

Nicole Marie said...

uhh i've been water skiing since i was about 7 but there is no way ever you would get me to do in in a body of water where there might be sharks! no way!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

I LOVED waterskiing as a child! We did it every summer! A few years ago I tried again...and realized that my "center of gravity" had drastically shifted since I was twelve and I was no longer able to get up on skiis!
But hey...sunbathing is awesome too!!! :)


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