Thursday, February 28, 2013


Clever title, I know.

The majority of my trip was spent in the state of Western Australia. The Aussie boyfriend lives in Perth, though we spent a lot of our time exploring south of the city.

Simply put, I loved Perth. LOVED it. 

It's gorgeous, which is always a fine attribute for a city to have. 
Not only are there pristine beaches with the clearest water you'll ever see, there is also the Swan River that runs through the city. 

Though there are almost 1.5 million residents, it feels like a small town. This was something I could appreciate, hailing from a city with a similar feel.

Also, there are no freeways [at least not in the way my Houston-dwelling self is used to]. Shock horror!

I could easily live in a city like this and just be a beach bum for all time.

Saying it was hard to leave is an understatement.

Oh, and there were meat pies and cider everywhere. Win.

Meat pie + perfect weather = Alex's happy place

Did I mention one of my BFFs happened to be in Perth at the same time? Well, she was.

This doesn't do the sunsets justice.


Meg O. said...

Oh my goodness - INCREDIBLE. I am so jealous of that trip!!

Sara Louise said...

I keep waiting for the "I'm moving to Australia!" announcement :)

Katie Jo said...

I must try this "meat pie"...and PS I love your sandals =)


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