Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Post: Across the Pond

Get ready for a laugh because today we have Megan from Across the Pond.

A Cali girl living in Scotland, Megan is hilariously inappropriate, loves food just as much as I do, and is one hot little number.

So we were destined to be friends.

Oh and she has a sexy Irish boyfriend.


So without further ado...


Hello ladies and ladies
I am Megan from Across the Pond
Over a year ago I packed up my life in sunny california
and moved to England..
And i have actually never really confessed this over in the blog world..
but when I was accepted to the University of Nottingham, in Nottingham England..
i sorta thought i was going to be in London..
I was under the impression that Nottingham,
was like a bi-product of London..
like how originally I am from a town called Agoura Hills,
which is in Los Angeles.
Nottingham is like 3 hours North of London..
not even close to being like London..
its like boondock country livin..
and so im pretty sure everyone who came to my blog thought i lived in london..
due to my whole url thing..
and i sorta just went with it.
But i have been to london.
and now I live in Scotland...
and still have my same url...
double fail.
Tell London I say Hi Alex!!


Antoinette said...

OMG Laughed so hard when I read this. She is adorable.

Meg O. said...

What a great post! Love her.


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