Friday, October 28, 2011


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Childhood throwback to Nightmare Before Christmas.
I was one of those weird kids who loved it even though it scared me.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.
I like scary things.
I like candy.
Therefore, I like Halloween.
This Texas weather and lack of decorations around town has definitely put a damper on my Halloween spirit.
So I plan to make this weekend as Halloweeny as possible! [plus the weather has decided to feel like fall]
First up is a party tonight.
I'll be dressed as a boring ol' ballerina. I may love Halloween, but I never said I was good at costumes.
I really wanted to be Liz Lemon [as it requires no effort due to the fact that I'm pretty sure LL and I would be best friends if she was real...well Tina Fey is real and I'd love to be her bff, but I'm starting to digress], but no one would know who I was unless I wore a name tag. And then no one would get it unless they're 30 Rock fans.
Sunday will bring pumpkin carving [I like to leave things until the last minute, clearly] and a viewing of Paranormal Activity 3.
Thank goodness Aaron will be in town that evening because my over-active imagination tends to get the best of me.
Case in point: After watching American Horror Story every week, I can't help imagining that "rubber man" is standing in my doorway.
[any fans of the show out there?]
I hope everyone has a spooktastic weekend!!
Hooray for corny holiday words.


Sar said...

Liz Lemon is FANTASTIC! I love that idea (and I agree, I love costumes that require little effort). I'm a Hallow-weenie (meaning I hate Halloween) but was invited to a party that I feel obligated to attend. Thus, Nick and I are going as Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang Theory. I totally can't wait (and he's in a green lantern shirt, I with mismatching clothes--they can't not know who we are).

Enjoy the gorgeous colder weather we've been getting!

Ashley said...

so funny. my coworker took a PTO day on friday and gchatted me to ask if i'd heard of American Horror Story b/c she was a marathon! haha. i hadn't b/c i dont' love scary stuff!

hope you had a great halloween - can't wait to see the ballerina pics! :)

Embo said...

I LOVE American Horror Story! But you should have just assumed that due to my love of all things creepy!


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