Thursday, October 13, 2011

And my list of TV shows to keep track of gets longer

My coworker loaned me the first season of this:

Everyone who watches it is absolutely obsessed, my parents included.

I won't even list out all the shows I watch because it might make you think I have no life.

But let's just say that adding another one might be verging on insanity.


a life of color said...

Up until about a week ago I had never heard of this show until someone told me about it! Now I am hearing about it constantly! I may just need to check it out for myself.

Sara Louise said...

I have fallen down a new TV show hole. And for me, it's totally hard to keep track of them since I have to watch everything online. I'm contemplating making a list. But that would be really strange. Wouldn't it?

Veronica said...

omg I just started watching this show on netflix!! LOVE IT!!

Poisoned Princess said...

I started watching Breaking Bad.. but just couldnt get into properly. Hmm,maybe I should try again.

withoutizy said...

Ahh breaking bad. I'm a sucker for good tv, but I try to avoid it cause I'm one of those people who can lose a week to a series or two!

I'm in love with Gossip girl though, still. Ahrhhrhrhrh


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