Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow bunny

Hitting the slopes. Fresh powder. Snow plow. Gnarly. Ok, maybe not gnarly.
All of this can only mean one thing: ski trip.
In about 2.5 weeks I will be partaking in this time-honored tradition.
Did you know how common it is for an American family to take a ski trip, or multiple ones at that? I didn't. In fact, I ever realized exactly how popular skiing was until I went to A&M. It seemed like everyone's family took skiing trips semi-regularly. Not to be left out of this group is the boyfriend and his family.
I, on the other hand, am not a part of this group. I'm pretty sure neither of my parents has ever been skiing in their life.
My sister and her husband lived in Sweden for a while, so I was lucky enough to visit them and ski there...when I was 10. That's the last time I went skiing. Therefore, my upcoming trip should be quite the adventure.

Steamboat Springs, CO, our skiing destination.

With all my skiing expertise, this is surely what I'll be doing. Winter Olympics 2014, here I come!

I'm calling to schedule myself a ski lesson.
Right now.

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