Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome, new decade

Depressing fact: While gathering picture for this post, I accidentally started going back into 2008. I guess when you waste half of your year being unemployed, all the months start to flow into one other. So one word for 2009: Unproductive. Not my best year. I'd like to get very rosy and optimistic with you right now, but I can't. Let's just hope 2010 is better and brings me EMPLOYMENT. Here are the few highlights:

Good friends gathered for my 22nd birthday, a night out at The Bonham. (Caroline, I apologize that your eyes are squinty in this picture but it's the only one I have of all of us!)

I had my first "wild" spring break with a wonderful group of people. We owned South Padre and made some pretty hilarious memories.

Then a whole lot of other random things went on (i.e. making memories on North Gate, Ring Dance, etc.), but they all led up to...

Graduation. Exciting. Scary. Useless. I wasn't ready and I still don't feel like I should have graduated.

But graduating meant I got to backpack through Europe with three of my very best friends. It was probably the best experience of my life.

Oh and we must not forget when I had a job for FOUR whole days but had to quit because it was a sham that would have put me out on the streets and in the poor house. So of course I celebrated its demise.

I finally got to see Britney Spears in concert, thanks to Caroline Brown's generosity. Courtney and I had a fabulous time with 13 year old girls, moms who dressed like their daughters, and creepy old men.

A trip years in the making: visiting Caroline in Silsbee. I've known this girl since freshmen year and she is honestly one of the greatest people I know. We had a blast having adventures in her Southeast Texas hometown.

These past months of unemployment have allowed me, as Aaron says, to live out the two years of college that I pretty much missed due to certain relationshipial circumstances. I never got to let loose and experience college those years, so I've been making up for it. But though I do enjoy that aspect of my joblessness, I know it's time to grow up and start a new life. So 2010, please help me do that.

New Year's Eve with the best boy I know.

Keep me strong, 2010, and don't let me down.


Caroline Henley said...

1. I forgive you for the bad picture
2. sooo many good memories in 09
3. read my blog, I did the same kinda thing you did :)
4. TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS (but mostly better) in 2010!!!

Danny said...

I hope I am the second best boy you know. Or at least top 5 :)


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