Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keep Austin Weird

I am a Texan, born and raised, yet I have never felt any strong connection to my state. From the time I was about 14, I couldn't wait to leave. California, New York, Europe, those places are more for me. But in this gigantic state, my one little oasis is Austin. It's liberal, artsy, nature-focused, cultural, unique, and GORGEOUS. There is live music on every corner and just an all around appreciation for life. It goes without saying that if I ever had to live in Texas long term, that's the city I'd choose. Lucky for me, I have many friends who reside there and visiting them is always an adventure. This past weekend I had the great pleasure of staying with one of my oldest friends, Aisha. We flitted around the city from one destination to another and had the best time. She's an excellent musician in an awesome band, so she knows all kinds of hip and fun things to do. Check out her blog here and the band's website here. I promise you won't be disappointed!

The highest point in Austin, Mt. Bonnell. It was simply goreous.

An Austin hidden treasure, the Cathedral of Junk. A man started building it in his backyard in 1988. It's what the name suggests...a cathedral made out of, you guessed it, junk. It's pretty incredible.
Behold all of the junk.

This is at the top. I enjoy pretending to take cool pictures.

Before you brush this off as just another fast food snack, I'll have you know that The Mighty Cone was written about in Texas Monthly and Food & Wine magazine. This is a hot and crunchy chicken cone. Delicious. If you're in Austin, the trailer can be found on South Congress next to Hey Cupcake, which is equally as delicious.

My lovely friend Taylor suggested this great spot at Town Lake for a photo session. We were surrounded by fit Austinites and their equally fit dogs.

How I miss living in a house with her and getting to yelp while we watch television and dance around whenever we felt like it. You should check out her blog here.

I want to be hip like her!

This is indeed a miniature s'mores maker that can sit right on your table. Places that offer stuff like this is reason number 1298798712983 why I love Austin.
Being back home makes me wish I loved my city as much as the one just an hour north. Are there hidden treasures here I just haven't found in the past 23 years? If so, I'd really like to discover them.

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Caroline Henley said...

awwww all your pictures are REAL cute :)


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