Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bucket List

I made a bucket list once when I was about 14. It had things on there such as "be a National Merrit Scholar," "go to an Ivy League university," and "graduate as valedictorian in high school." Oh and we can't forget "be on the Real World." I set very lofty, unrealistic goals for myself as a kid. And I am allowed to say that getting into an ivy is unrealistic because I tried and neither of them wanted me. With this old bucket list in mind, I decided that it is time to make a new one. This one will be a bit more fun loving and most importantly, realistic (90% realistic, we'll say).

Mind you, this will be a constant work in progress.

1. Run through a field of corn.
2. Dance on a table.
3. Sing karaokee by myself. Preferably "Baby One More Time."
4. Get a Masters in some sort of European History.
5. Sky dive.
6. Ski the Swiss Alps.
7. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef.
8. Bicycle through the French countryside.
9. Bake a six layer cake.
10. Drive down the PCH in a convertible.
11.Visit the places in my my book, 100 Great Wonders of the World.
12. Take ransom pictures of a lawn gnome.
13. Get married outside, near the ocean.
14. Run with the bulls.
15. Be in Times Square for New Year's Eve.
16. Live in New York City.
17. Live abroad for a period of time. I'm thinking London would be perfect.
18. See the Titanic. As in taking the tiny submarine all the way down to the bottom of the Atlantic.
19. Go to a movie premier.
20. Wear a loaned piece of jewelry from Harry Winston.
21. Buy Christian Louboutin pumps.
22. Own a Birkin bag.
23. Learn French.
24. Live in a house with Spanish roof tiles...or one with huge white columns.
25. Meet someone fabulously famous.
26. Paint a picture.
27. Learn to sing at least one song really well.
28. Be a Fish Camp Namesake.
29. See a castle.
30. Furnish my own apartment.

I think 30 is a solid number for now. I'll probably make random posts as I think of new things. There are just so many things I want to see, do, hear, and feel. Life's too short.


Caroline Henley said...

let's just move to london together after i finish my internship.

people could say to us:
"YOU SOUND LIKE YOU ARE FROM LONDON" and it would be true!!

Taylor said...

NO NO NO NOOOO you BOTH are coming with ME!!!! summer 2011. save up!

Katie Jo said...

the more i read...the creepier our similarities get.

i, too, set lofty goals as a child. i suffer miserably now because of it ;)

i would LOVE to live in NYC and live abroad.

and to see the this Norwegian cruiseline is sailing the route that titanic took in 2012 for the 100 year anniversary. at the time it sunk, they will stop in the same spot for a moment of silence, so to speak. oh to be on that cruise!

this is a guilty pleasure of mine:

Alex said...

WHAT?!?! I need to be on this cruise. My life might depend on it.


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