Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A respite from winter's cold

Let me just say it. 

Not having summer for a year really blows. My timing with this move was impeccable! 

Therefore, it was high time for a quick holiday to a warm destination.

Enter: Hamilton Island, located in Queensland in what is called the Whitsunday Islands.

I'd been wanting to go there since Will started teasing me with pictures of it two years ago. To me, it looked like absolute paradise. 

I wanted to cry with happiness when we got off the plane and stepped into WARMTH and HUMIDITY. My god, I never thought I'd be so happy to encounter humidity again!

Ok, so, picture the mountain resort from Dirty Dancing. Now transplant it to an island instead. That's pretty much the best way I can describe Hamilton Island. It's a resort island with one main street where the shops and eateries are, and the rest is accommodation. Fun fact: Julia Roberts has a house there! And Pit Bull. Random.

There are also no cars, aside from service and official island vehicles. Everyone gets around by foot or by golf cart. Bonus: the golf carts had the steering wheel on the left side! 

Except for a couple super swanky, exclusive places, everyone on the island has access to all the hotels and their pools and restaurants. So basically it's a relaxing [not so] free for all. We stayed in very nice-sized apartment right across from the beach, which was my main objective in seeking a place to stay.

It was such a magical, relaxing weekend, and we did quite a few fun things. More posts to come!

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Kelli Koehler said...

OMG did you see millions of cockatoos????


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