Friday, August 15, 2014

4th of July in another country

Living in another country can suddenly turn the most averagely patriotic person into a full God-bless-America-let's eat ribs-and-wave-a-flag patriot. 

Let it be known: I don't own US flag shorts. I love the USA, but I also think there are a lot of other great countries out there. 

However, spending 4th of July in Australia had me wishing I owned a ballgown made out of the US flag. 
Or at least some novelty shorts.

So what was there to do, other than throw an epic 4th of July party?

Always one to welcome other cultures, it became an Aussie-style USA party. It was held on a cold winter's night out at the drinking hut on the farm. And let me just say, some of these Aussies were way more prepared for an American party than I was. 

There were giant "AMERICAN STYLE" hot dogs with Heinz ketchup and French's mustard (thanks, Costco!) , a cake with a flag on it (you're welcome), and even some buffalo wings with FRANK'S HOT SAUCE (thank you, friends who regularly go to the US and love Frank's hot sauce as much as I do. Beer pong and flip cup were played, though I was told I took it way too seriously. To this I say, how can you not?! "Party in the USA" and other American themed songs were sung loudly and badly. There were "American costumes" worn.

All in all, an excellent night. America was celebrated well, and I think we did her proud.

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