Monday, May 5, 2014


Will had to go to Perth for work a couple weeks ago, so I thought this was the perfect excuse to get a tan and bask in some warm weather. 

Mother Nature had some other ideas most of the time, but it was a nice, relaxing trip nonetheless! 

I paid a visit to the Perth Zoo one afternoon, the only person who wasn't there with a gaggle of kids.

Just a typical day hanging out in the stocks.

Let it be known that I had my first taste of Australian Tex-Mex while I was here. After a month without queso, fajitas, and margaritas, my heart was starting to die just a little. Good news, the queso was pretty damn tasty. Bad news, the margarita was not. But it quenched my craving at least!


Ashley said...

do you know how much i love zoos?!?! like i've considered getting an annual pass to ours here if it was not creepy for single women to roam the same zoo every weekend! i think on your next trip back to america, you should take the..."scenic"...route and stop by Atlanta. We have some pretty darn good tex mex.

Hollie Ann said...

They have Tex Mex in Australia? Lol. Perth looks absolutely beautiful! It looks like you're living it up over there!

Katie said...

That beach!!! so gorgeous!

Sara Louise said...

At least the queso was good! :)


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