Monday, December 2, 2013

Alex Maldonado- Wedding guest extraordinaire!

Apparently age 26 is when all your friends get married.

I attended a whopping 10 weddings this year and was in three.

Let's break it down, shall we?


Cath & Quinton
[extra points for this one being in Australia]


Courtney & Jake 


Rebecca & David 

June- what I like to refer to as the wedding double header. One weekend. Two weddings. Two bridesmaid dresses.

Emily & Ben 

Swampy & Neeraj 


Taylor & Mark 


Sarah & Comeaux 


Kassie & Zack 


Marjory & Matt 


Jordan & Zach

Clearly I should go into a new career field...professional wedding guest! Trust me, I have it down by this point. And even more...I actually love going to weddings. 
I admit it.
Free food, free booze, lots of embarrassing dancing in which I'm usually the first one out on the floor, CAKE, and even a competitive ritual in which women fight each other to the death for a bouquet of flowers. 
Oh, you don't take bouquet tosses that seriously? Pardon me.
Oh and happiness and love and all that, of course.

So there we have it folks, wedding guest of the year!

Now I have a break...until February.


Kelli Koehler said... forgot me & Kyle!!

Sara Louise said...

I love that because of you I feel like I've been to loads of weddings too! I'm now past the wedding age and have moved on to the baby shower age :)

Ashley said...

dude you are the guest supreme! all my friends got married at 26 too which is totally the reason i didn't...yeah, that's why.


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