Friday, June 29, 2012

The day Hollywood exploded with excellent gossip!

This Hollywood gossip junkie's mind is BLOWN over today's top stories!

I think these events were timed precisely to take the edge off all the intense discussions of Obamacare.

Bravo, Hollywood, bravo.

This crazy train, couch-jumping, scientology-fueled marriage has finally met its demise. And though their relationship can be described as all of the aforementioned things and more, I must admit I'm a tiny bit sad. Maybe because I was just so fascinated with their strange life and alien child, Suri. 
It is reported that Katie was under a five year marriage contract, and was just one of numerous actresses approached by Cruise representatives to see who would take on his offer. Do we recall how Katie's engagement to Chris Klein ended abruptly, then in swooped Maverick? Coincidence? 
Whatever the case, I hope Tom now feels free to be his own true self! [a short, crazed, possibly gay, scientologist?]

PREGGERS!! Is this prime song writing material or what?
My two hopes for her during this time:
1. That she does indeed keep writing songs.
2. That she puts out the cigarette.

Happy Friday, world!


min said...

haha hot news!!!

Carly Ann said...

Yes, I was SO excited to hear that Katie and Tom Cruise were getting divorced. The 5 year marriage contract is the only logical explanation for her to have been married to him for that long.

shear indulgence said...

so glad katie filed for divorce :) she married well but I think she's divorcing better lol

Jenni Austria Germany said...

does katie holmes have, like, 2 inch bangs in this photo? or am i blind.

Sara Louise said...

You know, I go out of town for the weekend, and arrive back home, turn on my laptop to check my gossip sites and BOOM! Freaking awesome.
And I have a feeling the TomKat split is going to be a doozy!


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