Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Post: Delicious Ambiguity

Whilst I'm away in the Big Apple, I have my friend, Thobeka, here to entertain you. 

Thobeka lives in gorgeous South Africa, and I'm pretty much jealous on a daily basis. 

But I can't stay mad with jealousy for long because she is so super sweet and awesome.

Enjoy, as she gives you a glimpse of her beautiful country!


Hello Mutal Weirdness.... Weirdos? Should we just stick with blog readers? Yes, let's do that.
While Alex is away in one of my travel bucket list cities she asked if I would be a guest on her blog! Does make us international besties then? No pressure Alex, you can answer later :) It was 32 degrees today.... 32! That's about 90 degrees farenheit excluding the humidity which adds on about 8 degress. Count it.  February is one of our hottest months...the heat and humidity is killer. So yes, while my Northern Hemisphere peeps complain about the cool... we, down here in at the southern tip of the dark continent - we melt.
Should you ever feel the need (yes, you must!!) to visit the country of the 2010 World Cup, home of Shaka Zulu, Nelson Mandela (I'm totally name dropping right now) oh, and Charlize Theron I thought I'd get you started with 5 places you MUST visit! These aren't from a brochure, but from my favourite places to visit.  Where my greatest memories sleep.
I'll give you quick snippets...little KNOW you want to venture down this way.

First stop:
Tembe Elephant Park

A friend and I spent a weekend here last year and I didn't want to leave! Most people think that just because you're from Africa you should be used to seeing wild animals? Nooooo.  They are wild animals after all :) It's just as much of an eye-opening experience as it is for tourist.
We didn't have cellphone connection for 3 days and it was! I completely forgot that I had work woes to think about. 
We stayed at an amazing lodge, that her family owns, and it was like camping in style :)  Ever had a shower outdoors? I did. Strange at first, but not a soul can see you... just the Elephants walking by.

Second stop:

Soweto may sound like an African name, but the word was originally an acronym for "South Western Townships", a product of segregationist planning.
It's one of the biggest and most popular townships in South Africa.  Great places to see there are the Nelson Mandela house, Hector Peterson Memorial and you can bungee jump off The Towers.  My sister did and she lived to tell the tale!
It holds of a lot of history and I've always enjoyed going to places where I can learn about the culture, first hand, not from a book.
The Apartheid Museum is also a MUST SEE.

Third stop:
Drakensberg Mountains

The highest mountain range in South Africa - it's quite spectacular really... It's a World Heritage Site - that means it's legit :)
Growing up, I used to spend a week, every January with my besties family. A week in the mountains, of waking up to magnificent sunrises, horse riding, bike riding, playing in the river - just enjoying the outdoors.  Some of my greatest memories are at Alpine Heath up in the 'berg :)

Fourth stop:

My birthplace. My current place of residence. My hood :)
I love it here! I'm a beach loving girl through and through and summer nights are best spent with friends on the promenade.
Durban has the friendlist people - I'm not even being biased... it's a nationwide fact. Life isn't as fast paced here as it is in Johannesburg and that's why we love it so. We work hard, but play even harder.

Fifth stop:
Cape Town

I fell in love with Cape Town when I spent a couple days there last July. Even though I love Durban, I've been dropping hints to my boss to transfer me to the Cape Town office... i need a change of scenery and woah the Cape Town scenery is gorgeous!
Also boasting a rich history and colourful culture and a city everybody should see.


Yes, Thobeka, we can be international besties ;)


Alyx said...

Ooohhhhh my gosh. I feel like I need to book a plane ticket right now.
I'm new to your blog, from Thobeka!

Deidre said...

AWESOME! South Africa is never a place that I desperately wanted to visit but it is becoming more and more so! It looks fantastic :)

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Umm I want to live there, it sounds amazing.

Love the elephant pic.


Juanique said...

Hey! You mentioned me in your post, Thobs! I feel so loved!Miss the Drakensberg SOOOOOO MUCH! In the words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there"...Oh wait, I've already been there! :)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

such a wonderful place on earth!
I'd like to visit some day~


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