Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That time I won the battle against homemade pizza

I conquered a culinary fear: homemade pizza.

I conquered that pizza dough like nobody's business. I'm prepared to start competing in dough battles.

Mozzarella, tomato, onion, and fresh basil.

Ta da!


Tiffany said...

It looks delicious!!

Pretzel Thief said...


And is that fior di latte cheese? The whole thing looks freakin' delectable!

I'm a pretty great pizza maker myself (dough from scratch and all), but haven't made one in aaaaages...not since discovering Dr Oetker funghi frozen pizzas which -- I know, I know, "frozen?!" but they taste like the antithesis of frozen -- are deeeelish!

All the same, methinks I might make one soonish, anyway...hmmmm.

Sara Louise said...

I have recently begun making pizza from scratch as well and am loving it! I make like one a week now. So easy and I love playing with different toppings and sauces. I have no idea why I always thought it would be so difficult

The Michelle Show said...

That looks heavenly... every time I make homemade pizza, my dough ends up disgusting and not unlike crispy playdough.


iris said...

Ah, homemade pizza is fun! Really, you should just keep trying those culinary things that scare you. It's the only way to get better/braver :)

Victoria said...

You're absolutely stunning, do you know that ! :)
And yummmmm that pizza looks soo good !!


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