Monday, June 14, 2010

A list of nothing

Oh my, have I been slacking! For once work is actually busy. Gasp!
I had the best weekend, just so you know. I like making lists, so that's just what I'll do.

1. My hair has a shape again. Thank you, Orie, at Visible Changes.

2. I went to the wedding of a friend from college. We met through Fish Camp, and so far he is the FOURTH person from good ol' Camp Powell to tie the knot (two of them married each other!). Needless to say, very good times ensued. I love weddings, and this one was beyond fun.

Pretending to be on the Titanic. I think. There were free margaritas, so nothing is too certain!

Members of Camp Powell who were present holding up the lucky groom.

My dear friend, Jenna. We forgot what a good time we have together. I like to think we were the life of the party!

3. After craving them for over a year, I finally tracked down Kinder Bueno bars in the states! I should have known World Market would carry them. They maybe weren't actually displayed and I maybe climed up a shelf to grab them out of a box, but a three pack is now mine!! Knowing where to buy them is both a good and bad thing.

4. I read the newest Sookie Stackhouse book. Amazing as usual. I hate having to wait so long in between books though!

5. I returned to College Station with TWO new cookbooks. The Silver Spoon, Italy's best selling cookbook for over 50 years, and Taste of Home's Cooking Light. Can't wait to sample some new recipes!

6. I finished my first month of P90X and actually noticed results this time around! So I guess following the diet is the way to go. But I maybe ate a cupcake this weekend anyway. Oops.

7. I am very much debating whether or not I should buy my Canon Rebel XS today. I have a 10% coupon at Best Buy, plus they don't charge interest if you pay it off in 18 months. I have never put anything on a credit card that I didn't pay off immediately, so I'm rather nervous. What should I do?? I really do want it.

8. True Blood came back yesterday. I am not blessed with HBO, but I turned to trusty and watched part of the season premier at lunch (while sitting in an empty office...definitely not the kind of show I should watch at my very public desk). I'm itching to finish it up, but it will have to wait until tomorrow's lunch. No internet at home=TERRIBLE.

This weekend I'll be heading to the river for a weekend with some of my favorite girls. Can't wait!

1 comment:

Caroline Henley said...

1. i cant wait for this weekend!!

2. the camera thing makes me nervous too... although i understand wanting to buy it... cause i do tooooo

3. i need to read the sookie stackhouse books

4. i watched True Blood last night and it was really good! we shall discuss tomorrow

5. i cant wait til natalie's wedding when we will finally get to go to a wedding TOGETHER!! :)

that's all :)


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