Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More dreams

For lack of better things to write about, I will share another one of my strange dreams.

I am in love with The Beatles. They will never go out of style. I guess it helps that my mom is an older mom and was in high school during their American invasion; therefore, I grew up knowing the words to many of their songs. Also, Aaron and I have been watching The Beatles Anthology and have nearly finished it. So it comes as no surprise that they appeared in a dream of mine a couple of nights ago. Taylor, you will appreciate this.

My parents and I are walking through this park. I don't know where it is, but it's just a typical park. Suddenly we hear "All my Loving" playing. We search for the source of the music and soon come upon a small stage where The Beatles are playing. Mind you this is present day, yet George and John are indeed present and looking just dandy. My mom runs over like a fat kid rushing a large cake. She then proceeds to sit on Ringo's lap. He has always been her favorite. My dad just kind of ambles over; he's a very laid back kind of guy. I am just dumbfounded, and slowly make my way over. Upon arrival to the stage, I tell them what a big fan I am and how delighted I am to meet them. I also let them know that I have recently finished watching all of their Anthology. Of course, I then ask to take a picture with them. And before waking up, I turn to Paul and tell him that he is my favorite.

As usual, I woke up very excited that I met The Beatles. Reality bites.

On another note, last night I dreamed that Aaron and I were somehow mixed up with Tony Soprano and his crowd, and Aaron got arrested for trafficking stolen vehicles. I did not wake up from that dream feeling sad that it was not real.

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Taylor said...

best dream EVER. oh how I wish it was true. Your subconscious state of mind even has good song taste. If ONLY I could see them all in concert live...alive and young. ugh i was born in the wrong decade.

hilarious about the tony soprano dream.

I have been dreamless lately. booo! maybe ill dream about Sir sexy Paul tonight. HOPEfully :)


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