Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was told today that I should do blogs about my dreams. Before you groan, hear me out. My dreams are vivid, and I usually remember them really well the next morning. They are also, almost always, really strange or random. And I find myself at a loss for other things to write about on here. So I present you with last night's dream.

As many may know, I am obsessed with Robert Pattinson AKA Edward Cullen in Twilight. He is British and handsome, even if he doesn't wash his hair. I have loved him since he portrayed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He was the star of my dream last night. Somehow, we met and we end up making out. He has fallen madly in love with me and wants nothing more than to be with me. I, however, point out that I have a boyfriend and turn him down (even though it was a dream, I do feel rather bad for making out with him). He becomes rather angsty and says that if I can't be with him, will I at least be his friend and seldom leave his side. He points out that it will be too painful for him to have no contact with me after so soon being turned down and because of his strong feelings. I agree to his mopey British request. The dream ends with me apologizing for the posters of him hanging on my wall; I tell him that I hope it doesn't make him feel too awkward. He assures me it doesn't, and we sit and talk as friends.

All in all, a good dream. I feel the fact that I turned down my number one celebrity crush, even though it was a dream and I could have married him and had 50 babies, is significant. I pointed this out to the boyfriend, and assured him that I would take the same course should this situation arise in real life.

See what I mean about my dreams?

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Taylor said...

hilarious. i was in need of a solid chuckle!


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