Monday, August 3, 2009


Whilst partaking in the life of an unemployed person, I got THISCLOSE to actually thinking I could get used to this particular lifestyle. Laying around all day if I felt like it, sleeping at random hours of the day, etc. However, today I reached my breaking point. I spent the entire day, and I do mean entire, in my bedroom trying to get rid of things and conjoin my College Station belongings with the neverending source of crap that is my childhood room. Claustrophobia set in, and out flew the thought that maybe one day I actually wouldn't mind staying at home with a kid. Eew. So while not really having much to do can be quite nice at times, I find that it is necessary to get out of the house and do something structured. However, I know that once I do find a job (whenever that may be) I will be longing for my days of nothingness. So the question is, what job combines the two? If I can find that perfect balance, I would be the happiest girl alive.


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