Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where I've been...

...partaking in a Thanksgiving pub crawl [with an Aussie turkey]

...spending time with the fam

...pretending to be Johnny [Heisman] Football [Whoop for my alma mater!]

...and dressing up like a reindeer with a penchant for Dos XX.

It's been busy around these parts!

I was distracted by a foreign guest for a few weeks and now find myself with a very busy work life.

No longer being able to read blogs at work has really come as a shock to me...I'm still recovering.

In other news, less than two weeks until Christmas!


Liesl said...

That first Thanksgiving picture is ADORABLE!!! :) Yay for Christmas, but sorry you can no longer read blogs at work!

Sara Louise said...

Now isn't that just the cutest turkey there ever was!
And my mom arrived last night baring news from Texas... I've heard all about Johnny Football and how UT turned him down first. Well that recruiter needs to be effing fired!
Kudos to your alma mater... whatever :P

Ashley said...

So.Many.Costumers. I love it. And I loved all your pics with the Aussie! I think I had your FB on alert just to see what ya'll were up to! I can't read blogs at works either - they expect me to work the whole time I'm there. Such buzzkills they are.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

What a cute turkey you got sitting next to you :)


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