Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In pictures: Boston

My week in Boston was so excellent that I almost forgot I was there for work!

I ate...and ate.

And ate some more.

But I'm sure no one is surprised.


I had never eaten a whole lobster before. I can't wait to do it again.

I was so excited about having a lobster roll that it was an extreme disappointment when I hated it. I never hate food.

But this ice cream made things all better.

My main motivation for agreeing to attend a baseball game.

They won. I'd like to think I am a good luck charm.

Boston's lacrosse team plays in the Harvard football stadium. Yes, I went to two sporting events in one week. Shocking!

We need these on every corner in Houston.


The Management said...

Looks to me like that ice cream could make ANYTHING better. Glad you had an awesome time!

bailey k. said...

Mmmm lobster. :) Love the photos!

I'm starting a new link party on my blog exclusively for traveling. I'd love it if you'd hop on over and link up this post. Thanks so much!


Liesl said...

You are adorable, and what great pictures of a fun city! I am a Yankee fan, but will overlook the Red Sox game...hehe...just kidding! :) I'm not a big ice cream person at all, but that ice cream looks delish!

Also, thank you so much for such a nice comment on my blog...how fun that you are going to Australia, I think you will love it! I just love the overall place, but mostly for the people, they are so kind and well, the accent is quite lovely too! ;)

Sara Louise said...

I'm still not over the lobster roll experience. It's wrong. Plain wrong.

Ashley said...

are you sure this is a work trip? looks like WAY too much fun!

iv'e never had a lobster roll - it was gross really? i typically like lobster....but then again, i typically like anything that's not a tv dinner or bagel these days.

i swear you are the most photogenic person ever....teach me your ways!

Liesl said...

P.S. I awarded you and your lovely blog with a little blog award because you have been so supportive and I always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you have been up to and all your fun pictures :)

You can view it here...


Sienna said...

i've never been to boston and always wanted to go. it looks so beautiful and historical , perfect for a nerd like me! haha

Anonymous said...

what is your job? And can I have it? I wouldn't mind traveling like that for my job any day!

Angela said...

Awesome pics, i am your newest follower, from H-Town Hotties http://tartantastesintx.blogspot.com :)

Hollie Ann said...

oh i want to go to boston BADLY!!!!!!

and you're gorgeous.


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