Monday, April 23, 2012

That time we rode on a party school bus

Turning 26 is a big deal, and our friend, Val, knows how to celebrate a birthday.

Enter the party school bus.

It was literally a big yellow school bus...that children ride in.

Yet this ride was not appropriate for children.

The bus deposited us at different bars around Houston.

We made new friends.

And as you can see, costumes from different decades were worn.

I love a good party bus.

The birthday girl.

Our new friends from Norway.

The non-child friendly school bus allowed us to bring our own beverages for the ride.

New British [doctor] friends.

Photos courtesy of Caroline!


Sara Louise said...

You look so groovy Alex!

Ashley said...

i am totally jealous of how awesomely you are pulling that headband off!

christine donee said...

I've never been on a party bus. Totally jealous over here.

Sienna said...

Thanks Alex! I'm so happy to be back. never been on a party bus, looks fun haha

Val said...

This is pure awesomeness.


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